A product for NewtonHacks Hackathon

A Raspberry Pi that is able to identify if a driver is using their phone to ensure maximum saftey on the road.


  • Our problem is that out of the annual number of car crashes that occur, over a ⅙ of those are caused by people being distracted on their phones.
  • This is a large issue that leads to many people being killed and injured in car crashes every year so our goal is to decrease the number of crashes caused by phones significantly.


  • The purpose of our product branches into two different sections, the first being safety for people, and to make sure that they are following the laws.
  • Secondly, the purpose of our automatic recorder is to avoid any bias/racism that may occur between a cop and a driver.


We took statistics from reliable sources to see how many crashes occur yearly, and how many crashes are caused by phone distractions

Our Solution

Our Code can be found here

  • Our product can detect a person who is using their phone while driving, and signal them to get off their device.
  • Our product is cheap and reliable
  • The product uses a camera and a raspberry pi to detect if the driver is using the phone.
  • Our product can be easily expanded to include other features.


  • Relating to the topic of BLM, and people of color being treated unfairly we can expand into giving our product the ability to immediately start recording a conversation when someone is pulled over. Statistics show that every 3 in 10 (30%) of Black drivers are stopped by the police while driving and experienced unfair treatment without proof, and our feature would help solve this issue.
  • More than 6,000 people die in drowsy driving-related crashes in the US each year, a recent study suggests. Millions of US drivers fall asleep at the wheel each month, and roughly 15 percent of all fatal crashes involve a drowsy driver, researchers note in the journal Sleep. This feature will alert the user when they feel sleepy, to ensure that the driver doesn’t.


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